Boardgame publisher

A World of new game experiences to explore !

We are a board game editor, proposing new concepts or new editions of classics. Basically, we may edit any game we loved as we are all board game fans since childhood.
We emphasize local production for our games as much as we can.
We also provide every service related to edition, from concept building, to market studies or printing.
Our studio has internally all the required skills, like game design, user experience design, translation, documentation and communication around our project, to help your development.
Do you have any concept you want to promote ? Are you already an editor looking for business partners ? Don’t hesitate, contact us !


Boardgame adaptation

More and more games for worldwide fans

Markets for board games in Europe and Japan are very different. A large success on the Old continent, will surely be a failure in Japan without a specific edition and adaptation. A similar comment from Japan to Europe.
We propose to adapt success-proven games to other regions. This adaptation service includes translation, change in design/graphics and evolution of the game material. 
Please contact us if you have adaptation projects.

Playful accompaniment

Please come and see foreign countries’ game culture !

Do you want to do business with Japanese companies ? Then, you’ll have to be on-site. Game Market, THE place to be for board games in Japan, happens twice a year in Tokyo and Osaka.
We are here to help you organize your playfully trip to Japan, prepare some visits and meetings and to translate.
We will make you discover the Japanese board game culture.


Playful watch

Raiders of the treasured board games

Frenchy Kuma is physically present in Europe and Asia. We are specialists in the board game market in Japan.
Whether you are looking for a specific concept to get your hands on or for authors and/or Japanese editors to get in touch with or for the latest trends or this peculiar market, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Game Library

One place to gather them all and through board games bind them

In Japan, the concept of a family game room similar to what we are used to in Europe doesn’t exist. There are places for people to go and play, of course, but are very specific and limited in space, like game bars.
Though, there is a clear need for more friendly and family-oriented places to meet-up with others, discover and play games, rent or maybe buy games as well.
Our game room will make that link between our game lab, our game design office, our partners and most importantly our players.